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Dear Friend,

If you have been struggling to find a way to stay current with the rapid pace of technological change… and tearing out your hair trying to put together an effective online marketing strategy but are confused with the mixtures of Websites, Social Media, Blogging, Tweets, Posts, Likes, and More….

…then keep reading every single word of this message to discover how you can get INSIDER ACCESS to ALL of my proven insights for marketing using the internet… ALL the Foundational Principles… ALL the examples… and ALL the strategies in “EASY-TO-CONSUME” format that will make you more rich, relaxed, and happy.

So you can study, “SWIPE” ideas from, and use as inspiration for your own marketing… and avoid banging your head in frustration trying to “get it right”.

You see, I have crafted entire websites, devised integrated offline-online strategies for clients large and small. And many have made lakhs of rupees thanks to my strategies and suggestions.

So if you are looking for the TRUTH about what it takes to get your ideal customer, client, and patient to do business with you… then keep reading every single word of this message…

…because if you get ANYTHING out of this there is one thing that’s easy:

You Cannot Just Make
A Website And Say That’s It

Big dumb companies put up websites every day that have NO offer, NO call to action—and just expect people to magically show up and automatically do business with them.

This is a surefire way of wasting TONS of time, money—and a proven way to get even more frustrated and confused than ever before!

Why? Because there are a whole lot of “experts” who preach that…

you have to build your brand!
you have to sell to people the way they want to be sold
you want the site to be pretty and have a bunch of fancy graphics
you don’t want to “sell” anything on your site… because people will be turned off by “selling”
you have to have a lot of “likes” and friends via social media

You see, there is one thing that I have discovered in my 10 years in marketing… and that there are critical decisions that MUST be made about your website and your Internet strategy.

Miss out on this, and you could be forever BANNED from achieving the success and prosperity you deserve. You will be forever wasting your time on tasks with HTML, code, PHP, and all that nerdy stuff… hoping and praying it’s going to magically help you get more customers, clients, or patients…

…like that movie “Field of Dreams”… “if you build it, they will come!”

Fat chance!

So if you use sloppy tactics preached by “instant internet experts” out there on forums and other places online that DON’T “walk-the-walk” you could be utterly confused for the life of your wealth-building career regarding what makes a REAL direct-response site “tick”

Listen: the worst thing you can do is assume the Internet is “free” and that sending an email is “free” …and on and on.

There is a cost to everything even though it’s “free”. Sure that email you sent out was “free” but it took you time to write it—or you had to pay someone to do it.

And sure, getting SEO traffic is “free” but the time spent messing around with getting backlinks, optimising your site, etc. still takes TIME. Which is a cost by itself?

But Imagine Having a Website and
Online Strategy that Brings In YOUR Ideal
Customers, Clients, and Patients Like Clockwork

And imagine how easier it will make on your life—and how much extra income you will be able to use to pay some bills, add more overhead to your operation, or just make it easier to sleep for a change?

And imagine what it will feel like that you finally “get” this whole Internet thing that has been escaping from you all this time?

Everybody could sure use more customers, clients, or patients in their business. And chances are, you are either using the Internet wrong, or you are not using it at all.

No, I am not saying Internet is bad” but I believe the Internet is a valuable tool. But you have to realise that every word matters, every square inch matters, and every page matters when it comes to your website and how you market yourself online…

…they either move your prospect to respond—or NOT to respond. Which would YOU rather have?

I have helped some of the “best of the best” and “worst of the worst” people out there when it comes to making the big bucks online but I like to keep these secrets “close to my chest” and usually reserve them for his top clients.

However, in this special program, I have decided to reveal the exact same secrets that I share with my private clients who pay ₹1,75,000.00 for consulting with me.

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Essentials Of Internet Marketing

Discover Hidden Keys To Massive
Marketing Success Using Online Media

The bottom line is this: I have guided clients and coaching members in diverse businesses… in REAL businesses… to treasure on the Internet…

I DON’T sell get rich on the internet stuff, but I can help a lot of people in doing exactly that…

The best part is the strategies you will discover in Essentials Of Internet Marketing will work for ANY business… in ANY niche… and in ANY economy.

Hell, in the past 12 months alone, I have BUILT successful marketing involving online media for a motivational guru targeting his ideal customers.

I have also helped a group of realtors, a non-profit, and, of course, a number of info-marketers.

In other words I am responsible for making money than Most… IF NOT ALL…

So the impressive training you are discovering has been thoroughly “tested-and-retested. You are getting REAL proven strategies that can lead to a HUGE profit windfall for your business including:

The untold DANGERS of having your website build by “instant experts” and what you can do about it. This alone could DOOM your business from the start!
The basic requirements for a direct-response site so you are not driving traffic and hoping people will convert to customers, clients, and patients (if you have been scratching your head about how to convert more people on your site, then this is what you need!)
Examples of proven “hard capture” sites that forces your prospect to give up their info for more information. This is something you can easily “swipe and deploy” for yourself.
How to create an irresistible offer for your site so it’s a “no-mental effort” for prospects respond (most people get this wrong!)
Three impenetrable formulas for lead generation that will allow you to harness the Internet in ways that has eluded you all these years (this will save you TONS of frustration by itself!)
Essentials of good lead generation copy including bullet-proof examples of PROVEN lead generation pages you can model for your own (no need to reinvent the wheel, right?)
My proven formula for turning traffic into actual leads. This isn’t just “throwing mud against the wall and see what stick” stuff, this is PROVEN to work!
…and a whole LOT more!

And so you will get ALL the audios, ALL the examples, and ALL the materials so you can review and implement… so make sure you keep reading every single word of this message.

But For Now,
Let’s Cover What You Will Get

You will SIX CD’s professionally produced and edited. Here is where I will reveal my secrets and share example after example of PROVEN websites.
You will also get 2-PIN BINDER (labeled TOOL KIT) that has 135 PROVEN marketing pieces that is working now. Imagine how much “trial and error” it would save you from constantly “spinning your wheels” trying to figure it all out yourself. Oh, and in the binder you will get many more examples I couldn’t teach in these six cds.

Savvy people reading this who want to excel online are going jump all over this–because they realise the value of having PROVEN online marketing pieces at their disposal!

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And think about knowing exactly how many clients, customers or patients you are going to get 6-12 months from now…

…while your competitors are up at 2AM in the morning getting heart burns and worrying about whether or not they are going to pay salaries next month?

I have led many people to a life of autonomy, sustainability, and certainty–where they can walk into any store and buy anything what they want and not wonder, “Can I Afford it?”

And that includes more freedom, liberty, and independence that allows them to spend focused time with family and friends without worrying about money.

Best part: It doesn’t matter where you are in your wealth-building career…

If you just want to earn an extra ₹10,000.00 a month to pay some bills and perhaps your vehicle payment, then this is for you
If you would be happy earning an easy ₹1,20,000.00 to ₹3,60,000.00 per year worry-free, then you need this
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Heck, if you are an Internet Marketing “Newbie” you need this information, because it will prevent you from making all those “false starts” many new marketers make

So, How Much Is Getting Your Hands On
These Internet Secrets Worth to You?

You see, clients hire me for ₹75,000 for a consulting and pay up to ₹1,25,500.00 to write copy and create marketing campaigns for them and most of Headway’s seminars range between ₹13,500.00 to ₹27,500.00 per head.

But when you take action today, we are going to give you the entire presentation plus the 200+ pages of examples for just ₹2997. And I will ship you that big box containing the SIX CDs, 2-PIN BINDER TOOL-KIT right away.

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Look: chances are all you would need is one or two extra customer, clients, or patients to get that investment back–depending on your business.

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Listen: Now it’s time for you to achieve more time, freedom, liberty, and independence so you can enjoy more and better quality time with people you love the most

So take action… and get started now below!

Dedicated To Multiplying Your Income,

Ashish Pawar

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