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These 252 pages book and 60 minutes audio cd is full of Customer Getting and Sales Boosting

Discover the seven giant mistakes that almost all businesses make (this could be costing you thousands of rupees)
Use the proven power of three legged stool that ensures every single campaign you put together is a big winner its a BLUEPRINT that literally attracts a steady stream of buyers
Discover a list of radically different, little-known, profit-proven direct response marketing strategies that works for ANY business
Go behind the scenes and learn from the students who adopted direct marketing in their business as they disclosed, off-the-record strategies of whats working for them.
Send referrals through the roof with a simple technique that will have your customers begging to send you their friends and family
Discover some of the most potent small business marketing secrets of doing marketing in this technologically savvy market.The brave new world of techno-selling.

With this gift you will discover some of the most potent small business marketing secrets.The result of over 8 years of my direct marketing and small business advertising. These are the blueprints to small business marketing success to help you reach your goals. (You just pay ₹ 120 for Shipping & Handling.)

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Prospecting Sucks! (Paperback) Ashish Pawar reveals little-known secrets discovered over the years as THE premiere expert on Direct Response Marketing. Ashish methods have repeatedly produced more leads and increased revenues for ANY business, in ANY location, and in ANY market.

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Secrets To Direct Response Marketing – Is a complete Audio CD program that acts as the perfect companion to the strategies revealed in the book. Packed with radical advice for your success, Ashish reveals the quickest and easiest way for any small business owner to take control of their marketing and income so they can enjoy the things that really matter in life.

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I learned a lot from these tools and I am excited to implement these ideas into my business


I have become a LIC super agent implementing these direct marketing strategies


This survival kit has hepled me in positioing my business and having more productivity