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Want More Traffic

Generating more traffic is a very tricky job. As any small business marketer knows, the key ingredient to a successful website is getting people to actually visit it. A successful site owner will utilise all aspects of website marketing to gain the highest number of visitors that their business can handle. I want to show you that way to summon a surge of traffic to any website or web store or shop to drive targeted leads.

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Want More Leads

If you are tired of dealing with too many maybe’s and will get in touch later’s than discover a quick and easy SYSTEM for attracting more leads and magically build DESIRE for your product or Service. I reveal to you my personal script for creating a great “Lead Generation Magnet” that will fan the flames of desire for product or service so that your won’t be able to resist.

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Digital Solution

Every business regardless of how large or small, and regardless of their specific industry has to have an online or digital presence. Headway’s Digital Solutions was established to level the playing field and provide a resource to ensure that the digital marketing efforts of entrepreneurial and small business owners are engaging and designed to attract traffic. But more importantly, are structured to CONVERT visitors into LEADS and Leads into CUSTOMERS.

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Every business owner / entrepreneur faces a variety of different challenges each and every day. I have created a broad suite of products and services that are specifically designed to provide the marketing, sales, and advertising solutions. Here you will find our most comprehensive systems of insider business secrets and wisdom to help you elevate your business.

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From the desk of: Ashish Pawar, Mumbai
Would You Like Me To Personally Double, Triple, or Even Quadruple Your Business ... For Free? If yes, than “You” are my “DREAM” client that I am looking for to bring in massive windfalls of money for the next 12 months.

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Every year, I offer several key events to help our members get live, in-person access to the best minds in small business marketing today on the topics that drive sales. Our core events include: Prospecting Sucks, XXX Sales Strategies, and Bootcamps.

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Who we are


Headway Learning Strategies (HLS) is a total business solution that transforms businesses and individuals (and lives) each year. We do this by creating gigantic financial breakthroughs in record time with less stress, struggle and less costly, yet more effective marketing. Using online and offline direct response marketing systems, products, services and coaching programs that are often counterintuitive, shows entrepreneurs, small business owners and managers: how to increase incomes, find hidden opportunities, add streams of income, and create smarter, more automated marketing using road-tested methods - “NOT UNPROVEN THEORY”. Headway was founded by Ashish Pawar, when he started bringing together exclusive groups of like-minded entrepreneurs, business people, speakers, consultants, sales people and managers who wanted to increase their reach, maximise their profits and create a better, more rewarding lifestyle.

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